Apostille and legalization in Lviv

Putting stamp “Apostille” on documents

Apostille and legalization in Lviv

Apostille and legalization in Lviv

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Apostille is a standardized stamp, called Apostille, which is put on documents or executed as an annex to documents by an authorized person of the state institution. Simply speaking, apostille is a square seal, which the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Justice or Ministry of Internal Affairs puts on the reverse side of the original document in order to confirm authenticity of the document!

Apostille and legalization of documents are not performed in Lviv. Why would you travel and spend money and time, if you can address Center Lider and get apostille on non-conviction certificates, educational documents, etc. in Lviv. Apostille and legalization are only performed in the embassies of a certain country.

Consular legalization is a complicated multi-level procedure, the purpose of which is to make the outgoing document bound for abroad, comply with the laws of the country, whose bodies issued or drew up that document. Legalization of documents directly includes apostille. Legalization is certification of apostille by signature of ambassador of the country, to which you wish to move.

Placement of apostille and legalization of documents takes a certain period of time. Most of the time it takes to place apostille and legalize the educational documents.

The documents certified by such stamp do not require any additional legalization. Hence, such documents can be valid not only on the territory of Ukraine, but also abroad. However, this is so provided the country is signatory of Hague Convention, which was signed on October 5, 1961 in Hague (the Netherlands). Pursuant to that convention, the requirement of foreign official documents legalization on the territory of Hague Convention signatories is cancelled. Currently 80 states have signed this Convention, which include countries of the EU, Russia, Japan, Australia and Ukraine (from December 23, 2003).

The documents for submission to official bodies of other states (signatories of Hague Convention) are certified by the authorized bodies of Ukraine, which affix stamp APOSTILLE, which doesn’t require further certification or attestation and is acknowledged by all official institutions of the Hague Convention states.

The Hague Convention covers the documents as follows:

  • court judgments and materials in family, civil and criminal cases;
  • powers of attorney;
  • certificates;
  • work records;
  • life certificates;
  • civil status documents.

Pursuant to Article 1 of the Hague Convention, cancellation of legalization requirement for foreign documents covers official documents issued on the territory of one of the Convention states and should be placed on the territory of another Convention state.

The official documents under the Convention include:

  • notarial acts;
  • administrative documents;
  • official inscriptions on certifications, which confirm registration of a document or fact, which existed on a certain date or place, or official notarization of signatures;
  • documents that originate from a secretary of a court or judicial enforcement officer, or prosecutor’s office.

Pursuant to Article 6 of the Hague Convention, each Convention state shall designate the bodies that have powers to put apostille.

Pursuant to Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 61 dd. January 18, 2003, powers for putting apostille are granted to:

  • the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine – on the documents, which are executed by the notaries of Ukraine or issued by Justice bodies and courts. 
  • Such documents include all the documents that are attested by the notaries of Ukraine, court judgments and certificates issued by Civil Status Registration bodies.