Foreign Languages in Lviv

Learning foreign languages in Lviv

Foreign Languages in Lviv

Foreign Languages in Lviv

Are you planning to go abroad? Would you like to see distant countries? In that case you are sure to need the knowledge of foreign languages. A foreign language and its fluency play an extremely important role in modern society. In the modern world we come across a foreign language on each step.

Center of Foreign Languages LIDER offers services in thirty-five languages of the world, so you are sure to find here the foreign language you need.

Center of Foreign Languages LIDER invites also the adults for courses of business language. The topics learnt: meetings and negotiations, conversations with clients, writing official letters, drawing up opinions and reports and telephone conversations.

A business foreign language is also divided into several levels: a level for business and a level for international business. During the last decades business foreign language became extremely popular both in professional sphere and in recreational sphere. You don’t need to worry, if you live in Kyiv, Odesa, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Luhansk, Vinnytsia, Cherkasy, Lutsk, Rivne, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnytskyi, Uzgorod - Center of Foreign Languages LIDER will also help you to learn foreign languages. In order to find the relevant for you courses of businss language in Lviv it will be sufficient to contact Center of Foreign Languages LIDER.

Translation Agency LIDER in Lviv offers wide range of services in the sphere of foreign languages, among which there are language courses, translations of documents, translations of texts and web sites.

Our language center also provides support and help in choosing the relevant services. We will provide the translation services and language courses on the level, which is exactly right for you!

We will open you a little secret, we will tell you about an interesting, but little known fact related with learning foreign languages, which has direct influence on a person’s self-realization.

Psychologists discovered that knowledge of a foreign language, in addition to the fact that it significantly increases self-esteem, also on subconscious level plays the role of the factor, which additionally widens the sphere of potential for self-realization.

With time, after completing a course of a foreign language, a chain of thoughts is formed in subconsciousness: I know a foreign language → I can freely communicate with a foreigner → I have more possibilities than others → I can sooner realize myself in the society. In other words, after learning a foreign language a person becomes psychologically prepared to moving in the direction of searching for contacts with foreigners, and the persons that lack (or have minimal level) of a foreign language, totally ignore such direction, and if such person thinks about it, he/she does it in the last turn. That way such person loses his/her additional chance and „locks the doors” for himself/herself to yet another direction of self-realization.

That’s why it is good to know at least one foreign language or to be sure that „I would easily communicate with a foreigner via an interpreter”.

In both cases Center of Foreign Languages LIDER, which has perfect skills in over 30 foreign languages, will gladly come to your assistance.

Center of Foreign Languages LIDER has developed several modern programs of languages courses: for children and young people, for school leavers and students, for businessmen, managers, tourists and travellers.

Each of those programs can be conducted individually or in groups.

Our experienced and qualified teachers will promptly develop a personal training program in a foreign language for you, based on your actual needs.

If we speak about translations, we can proudly say that Center of Foreign Languages LIDER  works in all kinds of interpretation and translation on any level of difficulty; since the beginning of our activity we have worked with audio an dvisual materials, provided interpretation services during trips, trainings, conferences and negotiations (including via telephone).

We are sure that you had to deal with a foreign language, at least with one of the existing ones. Probably you were even sorry that you hadn’t paid sufficient attention (in shchool or in university) to such subject as a „foreign language”.

However now, jointly with Center of Foreign Languages LIDER you will have all the reasons to be 100% sure that you will be able to communicate with a foreigner.