Non-conviction certificate in Lviv

Non-conviction certificate in Lviv
Do you need a non-conviction certificate? We offer you the quickest and cheap way to execute a non-conviction certificate. In the majority of cases a non-conviction certificate is necessary for:
  • submission to institutions of foreign states;
  • receiving residence card;
  • employment (permission for a foreigner to work);
  • receiving license to work with precursors;
  • participation in tenders.

Independent of whether you are in Ukraine or in any other country of the world, Center of Foreign Languages Lider will receive non-conviction certificate for you and deliver it to the address you need in Ukraine or in any other country of the world.

One can receive non-conviction certificate independently or by proxy executed on your relatives of friends at the information technologies directorates of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Independent receiving of non-conviction certificate, as the rule, takes a lot of time. Besides, one cannot receive non-conviction certificate in all the settlements of Ukraine.

Non-conviction certificate or certificate about no conviction is the documents, that evidences no or existence of conviction of the mentioned person on the territory of any state. The title “non-conviction certificate” is not exactly correct, since this documents shows existence or absence of conviction.

Non-conviction certificates are of two kinds:

  • non-conviction certificate for use on the territory of Ukraine;
  • non-conviction certificate for use outside of Ukraine.

In order to receive temporary residence card abroad, almost always non-conviction certificate after form IP-1 is required, this is issued by IT Directorate of the Chief Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the respective region or in Kyiv.

Center of Foreign Languages Lider will help you to receive the non-conviction certificate. We can help you with this matter, both to the citizens of Ukraine and foreigners.

If you wish that your non-conviction certificate be valid outside of Ukraine, you‘ll need to perform the relevant legalization of the document and translation of the non-conviction certificate.

It should be noted, that usually personal presence or any other participation in the process of receiving and legalizing the non-conviction certificate.